Our Story

Our Story: how we came to be…


Villas Los Olivos came to life through a dream – a dream of caring for orphans! At age 13, Jenica Brigham, participated on a trip to Mexico to help orphaned children. This was the moment that the seed was planted in her heart of someday having her own orphanage. From that seed came the idea of Villas Los Olivos, our boutique hotel business that provides the necessary funding to sustain an amazing and unique orphanage where young children in need have a safe home where they are loved and nurtured, and where they can thrive, grow and develop spiritually, academically and vocationally.

Seeds takes time to grow - and even more time to bear fruit. Today, 27 years later, Villas Los Olivos Boutique Hotel exists to serve travelers from all over the world

with 100% of the profits funding the expenses of La Cosecha de Los Sueños orphanage. We hope you will agree that the translation is just as beautiful as our hotel – it means “The Harvest of Dreams”.

Jenica’s dream is now a reality and today La Cosecha de Los Sueños is under construction just a few kilometers away from the Villas Los Olivos Boutique Hotel. Ayampe is a beautiful place where dreams are realized. It is a peaceful coastal experience where you too can dream and relax. So open your heart - your mind - visit us in Ayampe and dream! Enjoy the surf, the sand, the abundant natural beauty – stay – breathe – get away - come for a digital detox– and DREAM something wonderful!. Surfers catch waves, our guests catch dreams.

You can follow the progress of the orphanage and enjoy more about this truly unique approach and amazing story at: www.lacosechadelossuenos.com

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