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  • Ayampe sits just off the Route of the Sun, or Ruta de Sol, with the Pacific Ocean on the West and rain-forested mountains on the East
  • Ayampe is uniquely situated at the base of the nearby Chongon-Colonche mountain range where the RAINFOREST comes down to the ocean – giving it an equally unique sea level micro-climate not found anywhere else on the Southern Ecuadorian coast. Rio Ayampe is the only fresh water source in the area and contains stunning biodiversity. It flows through Ayampe and to the ocean, forming a lagoon with mangroves Located 17 Kilometers South of Puerto Lopez and close to Machalilla National Park, Ayampe abounds in natural wonders – sand, surf, sea shells, brightly colored pebbles and rocks, and interesting flora and plant life everywhere you look. Various species of birds are everywhere – pelicans, cormorants, hummingbirds.
  • Two picturesque rocky islands - La Tortuga and La Iguana- A natural landmark just 1.3 miles offshore from Ayampe, provide more than just a backdrop for our stunning sunsets – they are also where you can enjoy excellent diving and snorkeling adventures among the coral reef.
  • The experience of whale watching is here as well, typically beginning at the end of June/early July and continuing until November.
  • For birdwatching, the area is rich with opportunity. Here and along the Ayampe riverbed one can experience some 280 terrestrial, resident and migratory bird species…gulls, cormorants, ducks, and even flamingos. And then just 15 km to the North is Machalilla National Park which is a dry forest [the Rio Ayampe area is declared by Birdlife International as an IBA (important bird area) EC107]
  • Other activities in the area include world class surfing, casual beach-combing, kayaking, boating, sailing, and fishing.